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Scandinavian at Stirling Residence

designed by Divine & Glitz Design Pte Ltd

This unit at Stirling Residence is an existing condominium with an estimated floor area of 1345 sqft. It features a Scandinavian style.

1. Bedroom

The bedroom looks bright and natural. There is a Speedy Decor custom-made study table that is perfect for the user to do some serious work and studying. Other than that, the study table helps the user to avoid health issues such as back pain. Furthermore, the study table is dedicated to light and space. On the other hand, there is an ExpressWindows large bay windows that help to bring in a streak of illumination. Not only that, the windows are stunning and allows a breathtaking view of the surroundings. On the other hand, the vinyl flooring is warm and welcoming.

Bedroom with large bay windows
Final words